Compatible With , Rogue Dog Data Cable Type C For Android Sport Dog Mobile Puppy Data Cable Phone Charging Cable


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Model: Ios

Micro USB
Orange Ios
Orange Micro USB
Orange Type C
Type C
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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

1.【Cute USB Creativity Small Puppy Data Cable】Humanized reminder to charge Creative design will automatically swing hips
when charging and will stop by itself when fully charged, Add a little laughter
to your boring office life
2.【Charging + transmission 2-in-1】Stray Dog Fast
Charging and Steady Data Transmission Charging Line give full play to
performance and ensure that charging and data transmission occur simultaneously
3.【ABS Material 】Skin-friendly material Smooth
texture: Skin-friendly material with flexible lines and no knots,50% faster,
faster charging, Using an upgraded version of 88 full copper core wire, fast
charging without flickering
4.【USB interface Re-reinforcement】This Dog
USB Cable Dog Charging Cable for Apple and Android Phone.Upgrade PVC connector,
the farewell interface is easy to break, anti-cracking and breaking, more durable
5.【Easy to Carry】This Cable Toy Dog Smartphone
Charging Line item weight is 24.3g, Can be carried with you, and No power is

Length 1m
[Wire Gauge]: TPE material
[Function]: Charging and data transmission synchronization

Package Content
1x Charging cable

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Ios, Micro USB, Orange Ios, Orange Micro USB, Orange Type C, Type C

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