Wireless Remote Control Adapter

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Color: For Type-c

For Type-c
For iPhone
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The Ocrustar Wireless Remote Control Adapter is the perfect way to control your favorite electrical devices with your smartphone. With this adapter, you can use your iOS or Android device to remotely control any infrared enabled device, making it easy to adjust settings and turn on/off as needed. The Ocrustar Adapter is easy to use, simply download the free app, insert the adapter into your phone's Lightning interface (for iOS) or Micro USB/Type-C interface (for Android), and you're ready to go! With this handy adapter, you'll have full control of your electrical devices at your fingertips whether you're at home or away. 

Product Features:Aluminum shellNew generation chips/TPU inner shell/Infrared emission light/Lightning interface/PC lampshadeMini and compact designHelp you enjoy the convenient life2ports:IOS &Type-CWaterproof & dustproofFree protective case & Anti-lost ringNo need to use BluetoothFor iPhone / Samsung / Huawei / Xiaomi / Redmi / Honor / OnePlus / Umi /Google / Oppo / VivoWidely Compatible for TV / Air conditioner / Set-top box / Projector / Speaker / Fan / Camera / TV Box / Infrared light

Suitable for Smart Mobile Phone: For iPhone / Samsung / Huawei / Xiaomi / Redmi / Honor / OnePlus / Umi /Google / Oppo / Vivo


Package Include:1 X Smart Remote Control1 X Ring Buckle1 X Protective Sleeve

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For Type-c, For iPhone

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